Kid's Writing Contest

"What I Like Best About
Living in Ashbridge"


What's so great about our neighborhood for kids?

I'd like to hear what our children like about Ashbridge, so I'm having a
contest where all are winners!

Children up to 16 may e-mail me a short essay or a few lines
describing what living in Ashbridge has meant to them.

I'll post the winners (first names only, no addressess) and award each one
a certificate for a McDonalds Happy Meal.

All are winners, so e-mail me your entry today!

PS:  If you provide services to the neighborhood like lawn cutting, leaf raking,
babysitting or snow shovelling, let me know that also and we can add your
information to the Neighborhood Services Directory page





All the legal stuff:  Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  If your home is listed with another agent, please disregard.  Not affiliated in any way with Ashbridge Homeowners Association.